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Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia I will write a real review later, this is just a placeholder with some of my initial thoughts, as I didn't have GoodReads with me when reading this book.

After I read the Grimnoir trilogy, I was very curious about the MHI books, so I started on this book. Let me say first that the two stars of my rating actually are 2,5 stars. It was OK and I like it enough to keep reading.
I did however notice throughout the book that this was a very early work. Larry's personal views shine through very strongly, which sometimes distracts from the story. Also, he is often too technical about his guns. I love his writing about the different guns in his Grimnoir books (especially books 2 and 3) but in MHI it is just too much infodump.

This is actually the main problem of the book: infodump. The book isn't balanced enough. Granted, the pacing is very good when there is action, but often it feels a bit off in the timing of adding info to it. Like missing a step and stumbling to a halt. Or crashing.

The story has a lot of potential and reminded me a lot of the Dresden Files, with guns. And less polish.
MHI is purest urban fantasy gun-wielding pulp, but who cares, it is entertainment. Not Correia at his best, but a nice first try with a lot of promise.