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Temporal Instability

Lose yourself in the twists and bends of time and reality with just some paper and some ink.


Unwind - Neal Shusterman That I read this book in a single day (with a 'terrible two's toddler hanging around) should tell you something. Not that it is a very thin book. It is not (but granted, it is very short compared to the other books I read). No, I just couldn't stop reading.

The Bad:
The writing is bad. Sorry, can't help it. The writer switches from past to present tense and back. This is very confusing in the beginning.
The language used is very simple, conversationstyle, sometimes even a bit awkward. Or maybe this only seems that way after reading so much Steven Erikson, Donaldson R. Stephen and Rothfuss.

The Good:
The story. It's bone-chilling. Really. Yes, there are flaws in the story, but you will read over them, because of the immensely captivating story. Wow. I will write more on it later, said toddler wants attention ;-)