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Mr. Monster (John Cleaver, #2)

Mr. Monster (John Cleaver, #2) - Dan Wells,  Kirby Heyborne Narration:
The publisher has learned its lesson: this book had a proper narrator. Which made a world of difference to me. The narrator had just the correct tone to be a younger man, fitting the age of the protagonist. He put natural emphasis on the words and wasn't too dry (still a lot dryer than I'm used to lately, but that's alright).

The Book:
There was probably supposed to be a twist/reveal in this book, finding out who the serial killer was this time... but I was disappointed. I could see that coming from miles away. That was a shame, could have been so much better. Then again, I don't see how he could have not broadcasted this almost from page 1.

I liked that there was a lot more struggle in John. It was very hard for him to keep on the straight and narrow and the writer portrayed that struggle well. But aside from the very disturbing scene with the cat, there was never any fear of John actually losing it. That might have created a lot more tension, for now that part was still a bit too tame.

The atmosphere reminded me of Orson Scott Card's 'Lost Boys' or some of Stephen Kings more relaxt works. A simple story, with a simple, uncomplicated viewpoint, a teenage boy. Things happening, monsters to overcome. Easygoing.
That made it easy to read, with just a dash of tension. It wasn't horror by far. Nor was it actual suspense. I got the feeling that Dan was trying a bit to hard to create suspense, which had the opposite effect to me.
It was, however, a very amusing and entertaining read. He is definitely improving in his writing. I will continue with his next book.